For some reason we believe we are all entitled to justice. We hear the stories of Jesus death and hear the injustice in them. He was tried on trumped up charges, in John's gospel Pilate this thinks he's innocent, but the crowds won't let Jesus go they want him dead, Peter denies knowing him three times, and all the disciples desert him. Sounds like a lot of injustice as an innocent man is tortured and killed. Yet through all of this Jesus remains silent, he knows there is something greater at work. When Easter comes he doesn't seek out the people who did this to him handing out justice for all that was done, no he comes back and visits the disciples, those who knew him and are hurting.

What if we could let go of injustice like that? We tend to hold onto little injustice and hurts people have done to us and try to right the scales. Bringing it to the others attention, hurting them so that we feel justice is served, and holding all of this in our hearts. Jesus asks us to do more, to forgive, to have mercy, to let go. 

There are times when we never see justice, but there is also something more we have to think of than holding our own hurt close to us. We need to forgive and be able to see each other as children of God. Imperfect, unjust, and much loved by the Maker of us all who invites us to release seeing our own imperfections as we do.