Going to the tomb

She went to the tomb expecting to find death.
Instead it was empty, a hollow shell.
She felt robbed of the opportunity to mourn.
She came in darkness, alone, such a brave soul.
After all the violence of the past days she dares to go.
"Where have they laid him?"
Any other question is impossible.
She goes to her friends, his closest ones.
Maybe they will understand, fight for the body,
get him back so she can properly mourn all that has been lost.
They run there look in and leave,
leave her all alone to ponder this last injustice of grief.
Then she peeks in, she is not alone, the angels
ask why she weeps, he is not here.
She turns from them not accepting their message.
She sees the gardener, "Where have they taken him?"
The only answer she can see in her grief is this.
"Mary" it must have caused such a jolt 
She knows the voice, oh the joy
which is hers, "Don't hold onto me"
Such an incredible command, yet in the midst of all
the unexpected she listens, bringing the news
He is risen, he is not dead!
An encounter in the garden.
A story for a lifetime and more.