Friday, good

There is something that takes us to the edge of despair,
to sorrows unique day, filled with the pain of death.
Expectations lost, dreams dead, lost in the vision of what
should have been a reign of peace, of triumph, of victory.
It is all hollow as it all dies, hope and sorrow become
entwined throughout the world.
The rocks shake and split our well-conceived kingdoms.
Our own power willed above all, instead of surrendered
to where God might lead because we believe we know better.
Yet we don't, we get caught in the muck of our humanity,
in revenge instead of forgiveness, believing that power by
the sword is the only power which wins, and actually
It is the only power that loses.
Reality to violence is the days only song, and loss
So deeply felt with our sisters and brothers,
it is the only way forward, to realize that through the
pain, agony, desolation of this day we might become determined.
Determined enough to surrender to the flow of God's
Wide mercy and forgiveness, to realize the hurt of others.
To know we are all human and God's children.