How do we witness about what God has done in our lives? I think of this a lot lately. Maybe its because the film Noah has come out and I wonder about what kind of a witness that is, if it just emphasizes battles and people dying. Some of my thoughts are because we have had two witness stories back to back in our lectionary.

The Samaritan woman witnesses to being fully known by this strange man. A man who doesn't condemn her, just knows her. This is amazing to her. She tells the whole village and they come to believe also in Jesus (John 4:5-42). The other is about the man born blind who is healed. He never denies who or what happened to him, even though it costs him being brought back into the community now that he can see. He decides to witness about his experience of Jesus even though it isn't popular. Because of this Jesus doesn't leave him alone, but appears to him a second time reassuring him that he has met the Messiah (John 9:1-41).

Both were witnesses to God's redeeming love, both were deeply known by Jesus, both witnessed to their communities. One received this message and one rejected it. There are times when our witness won't be received or popular, but the most important question is does it reveal God's love and work in our lives. The way we see how to witness matters. Jesus didn't go to the ones who rejected him and threaten them, he went to the ones who had received him and made sure they knew they were not alone.