A walk in the wilderness, just for a time,
brings in focus the need for God in my life.
So often we stray to our own ways and wanting.
Not touching the depths within.
Sold a tale of cheap easy faith,
one that requires nothing in return.
Yet faith requires our all - wanderings, waiting,
yearnings, it is not meant to satisfy our own
needs and desires. A test of our will and God's.
We try so hard to belong easily with others.
Yet it is the work of our lives.
Bringing us to deeper understandings of God's love.
Our path in the world and how it intersects with others.
Are we up for the challenge of faith?
Or do we want an easy self-fulfilling brand
that never lasts beyond a Sunday?
Daring to walk on faith challenges us.
Shapes us into new vessels. Receptive to the Spirit
at work in the world. It requires more than
Just a one day attention. If we choose we gain
so much more than could ever be imagined.
From the treasure of deeper faith.