Yesterday we were marked with ashes for Lent. We are very recognizably of a Christian tradition. Shouldn't it be that way any other day of the year? Shouldn't people recognize us because of our actions, what we say, how we live?

Yes, there will be days when we don't do our best, we are only human. Striving to do the best thing means to at least try. To identify with others who are on the margins of society. To live out true forgiveness in our lives by being understanding of where others are on their walk. To reach out beyond ourselves and our comfort zones in order for the Holy Spirit to work in is.

I like to take up practices which push us deeper into God in our lives. Awakenings of Spirit that call us to recognize the holy around us, within us and others. To awaken the God breath in me and be able to nurture the seeds toward growth, where they may flower, die and bring forth new seeds in others. The cycle of life, the cycle of the divine life which gives life to the world.