Why do we insist on hegemony instead of diversity?  Like today, for instance, we have Jesus at the festival in Jerusalem.  He makes some bold statements about the Spirit and believers, yet the Judeans, the religious leaders can only focus in on the fact that he is a Galilean and therefore is not worth listening to and can be condemned by them (John 7:37-52). 

When we look at our world we see diversity in animals, plant life, even the sunrise or sunset can give us a diverse show.  Yet we insist that others have to believe what we do or they are not respected or counted as a part of our church. Diversity only contributes to the strength of our team.  Look at who Jesus called a tax collector, fishermen, zealots, a thief all from diverse backgrounds.  Some who could write and others could not, some could mend nets others could not, some thought God's kingdom would come with fighting for Israel to be independent others did not.  No wonder they fought on the road about who was the greatest (Mark 9:33-34).

Jesus shows us the way for accepting diversity.  It means learning a lot about God's love, about creation, and gives us better understanding of God's world.  Embrace it and open yourself to the Spirit present in each one of us.