There an estimated 746,000 people displaced by the current violence in South Sudan.  The hospitality of guest in the Moru culture means the guest comes first in everything.  I remember Noel trading me a nice cold water from the market for my warm water saying he didn't like the cold, but from that day on I had cold water from the market to drink when I taught. 
This hospitality is the best one you have ever received.  It means even denying themselves in order to take care of the guest first.  Think of a time when you may have received the best room, the best meals, time to be alone this is what the hospitality is.  This is after troops have come through and looted the market and peoples homes.  There is little to give, so they are dependent on aid getting through. This is extremely important.

So today we pray for all those areas giving shelter to those displaced from their homes: 
Bishop David of Awariel, Bishop Bernard of Torit, Bishop Moses of Wau, Bishop Joseph of Renk, Bishop Alapayo of Rumbek, Bishop Hilary of Yei, Bishop Anthony of Kajo Keji, Bishop Stephen of Lui, Bishop Bismark of Mundri, Bishop Justin of Maridi, Bishop Wilson of Ibba, Bishop Peter of Yambio, Bishop Samuel of Nzara, Bishop John of Ezo, and for all those who are sheltering displaced people

That they may receive aid to help those in need, and that your miracle of abundance would be showered upon them. 
Our companions in Lui are only one piece of a larger group and we pray for them all.

(names and prayer taken from daily prayers by the Diocese of Missouri)