Today's passage is from John 1:29-42 and John the baptizer is testifying to the Lamb of God.  He points out that Jesus is more important than him and two of his disciples drop everything after this testimony and follow him.  To which Jesus responds for them to "Come and See" another testimony of seeing where he lives and what he does.  Which leads Andrew to invite Peter to come and see the Messiah.

Testimony is a dirty little word in Mainline denominations.  It is what other traditions do but we don't because we're not pushy.  Sharing our faith is literally this though, that we share our own insights with one another.  Even those who we know might need some of this insight, Good News, in their own lives.  Kaze Gadway, who worked with Spirit Journey Youth in Arizona/New Mexico represented this to the young people she worked with.  She kept a witness, a testimony, that these young people were already beloved by God.  Already God's children and then taught them ways to discover this in their own lives.  The young people who now have picked up the leadership role since Kaze has retired keep up this witness to other youth and to homeless in their area.  They are not afraid to speak up because they have realized their worthiness in God.  It is their Good News.

Isaac in Lui shared some things which touched me and brought new ways of hearing the good news to me.  These I have shared here and in sermons in church.  Isaac's testimony of his faith, the way he looks at the world I have shared with others because it has been a good news I wanted to testify about.  In sharing with others I know this has become good news to others also.

See not everyone will hear or receive whatever Good News we are sharing and that is alright.  We have to learn that we share and how others receive it is up to the hearer.  Sometimes they may hear this Good News and it will dramatically influence their lives.  Sometimes it may not.  What we are always to do is to testify to what the Good News is in our lives.  Because John did, because Jesus did, because the first Christians did and fostered it in those who chose to believe.