The Way

Today's reading is from John 6:30-33, 48-51 which is after Jesus feeds the 5000 and the crowd is following him hoping for more free food.  I think this speaks to us in several different ways.  Jesus is telling them that he is the bread of life, if they want to follow, but the manna provided in the wilderness will not happen again.  In other words you can't get more free food, but if you follow Jesus you won't think of bread in the same way.  This happens too with the woman at the well in John 4.  He offers her living water that will never end, but not the water she is drawing from the well.

We run a food pantry at Holy Cross and there are some who think we can give out food in a never ending flow.  So we have stopped people who live at the same house from getting food twice, or told people they can only come once a month.  Yes, we want to feed hungry people, as many hungry people as we can, we are not an never ending supply for them though.  There was a time last year where we almost ran out of food to give out (we found later this was the same with every food bank in town).  This year we have a good supply of basics yet we are seeking to do something more than just feed people.

Some people have come in before and asked to be prayed for.  No, this does not mean they show up for Sunday services, but they are in need of care, a prayer.  Some have been so thankful they want to do something to help out.  Some have filled bags, brought in plastic bags, donated their time in helping out because they are thankful for what was given to them.  This has brought about a short time of relationship with one another.  Where differences don't matter and true sharing has occurred.  This is all a part of the feeding ministry too.  A feeding of the soul not just for those who have come, but for us as well.  God feeds us all in so many ways.