Today is the naming day of Jesus.  We remember from Luke 2:15-21 the coming of the shepherds and Mary pondering all that had happened in her heart.  Then eight days had passed and it was time to circumcise and name the baby. 

Naming is a strange thing.  Our names all mean something and we carry them with us all our lives.  In Lui South Sudan the baby isn't named until after four days so that they are sure the name fits the child.  They don't want to misname and have a wrong name all their lives so they wait until they get to know them a bit. 

This surprised young people when one year we ran a Harry Potter youth weekend and we explored what our names meant.  Kinda like being sorted by the sorting hat.  Some were very surprised that their names seemed to fit who they were and some who had not liked their names thought a little bit more about that name. 

I have always liked the thought of Mary treasuring all these things in her heart.  Even the naming day.  Even the days that followed.  With Luke we get the treasures of the heart it seems.  Especially in a name.