Deliverance and hiding is mentions so often in the Psalms.  To be hidden from enemies, to be delivered from them, to hide under God's wings, and in the safety of God's temple.  These all take on new meaning today as friends are hiding praying for an end to violence in South Sudan and praying for strong powers to keep them hidden. 

It was a true blessing to receive the e-mail which said so far they are safe.  Yet it is hard to hear they remain in danger.  So we pray hard for them to remain hidden and safe.  On Saturday, January 11th all our prayer partners will be joining together to pray for peace in South Sudan.  We pray strongly for that.

We also pray for news to stop classifying this as a tribal conflict.  It is not, it is about different parties in the government.  Misinformation spreads and only escalates the conflict due to misconceptions about what is going on.  News is not easy to come by and so the spreading of this type of news only adds to the conflict.  Please see here.

So today we pray for continued shelter for our friends.  We pray for their continued safety and an end to violence which affects everyone and not just the government.  We pray for those displaced and separated by the fighting and pray for peace to come once again.