Good News

I yearn to hear news out of Lui South Sudan everyday.  I start by seeing if anything new is up on the Lui network.  I check my e-mails for news from a friend who is keeping in touch every week now.  Just that shred of evidence that someone is well, that things have calmed down.  Just a word of good news.

Isaiah's text (Isaiah 42:1-9) is that today for people who are kept as slaves.  It is a message of hope.  A message in which the people are charged with being that hope to others, just as the servant in the beginning is their hope.  The one who is coming to teach a true way, a better way.

We are supposed to be the light to others darkness.  We are supposed to be the ones who open the eyes of those who do not see.  We are the ones to give and teach a true way.  It's Good News and a tall order yet this is something we strive for.  It doesn't have to be complicated either.

There is a commercial about eyes which states that the human eye can see the light of a single candle from 10 miles away.  Just a little piercing light undoes the darkness and gives us a point of hope to see from a great distance.  When I wrote back to Noel that I was praising God for his safety it brought forth an immediate response of gratitude.  That was a piece of light. 

There are people who shed light all over the place in our lives and in the lives of others.  It can be a simple smile, an act of kindness, a promise of being present.  All these are simple ways to give light to others.  Its not a demand of something monumental, but a gift we can give simply to others.