Todays scripture from John's gospel reminds us that light being brought into the world is what true belief in Jesus is supposed to be. What is the difference between the light and the dark is the deeds of the person. Good deeds are those that acknowledge God and those that are evil do not (John 3:19-21).  I think we tend to only hear the first part of John 3:16 and forget the rest of the words which come after in this reading. Because using peoples deeds as a marker of faith really would change how we speak of faith with others?  Would this open our eyes to God being all around us in a new way? 

John's gospel tells us about light and darkness and who can see and who is blind. We ought to pay more attention to verses which remind us of those themes.  We sometimes lose our focus because we like what is most familiar and comfortable and we loose sight of some of the bigger picture. "For God so loved the world..." is a great verse, but recognizing and hearing the rest opens our eyes to new ways of hearing and seeing God. This is why we read scripture again and again.

So how will we choose to witness to the light in our own lives?  Will we choose to open ourselves to God in all the ways God shows through our world?  And will we open the dialogue of faith deeper and wider than we have before?