In John 3:22-36 we get a good picture of what it means to be content. John the baptized is losing his crowd to Jesus and his disciples who are also baptizing. Someone decides that they must tell John and I think they truly expected John to defend his territory. Instead John's reply is one of a prophet. He must fade into the background and Jesus is the one who must become the leader of the crowds.

Who does this?  It's not good business, it is certainly not good church business. Who rejoices that the competition is doing better than we are?  Do we even give credit that this might be something new from God?  I don't think this is how we react at all. The thing is what would happen if we did react in this way?  What things might we accomplish that would be working toward God's kingdom?  What new ventures might we see?  How might we actually work for each others benefit instead of just concentrating on our own? How would this benefit God?

I think this is truly some of the questions we need to answer as we go forward as the church.  I think it will help us to grow into the future. It will also help us to grow as God's people in the world and for the world.