Cease fire

News has come of the signing of a cease fire by groups in South Sudan. Today I will be checking in with friends to find out about the situation on the ground. It is wonderful to hear the news of agreement to an ending of hostilities. Does the news travel fast enough back to its source?  Because communication is so different there than here. I would imagine good news such as this would be communicated in a different way.

Coming out from hiding is not easy either. You take tentative steps, not quite trusting the news that things are safe and you are free. You still test the ground of safety.  Making sure you are not giving yourself away to something or someone who might hurt you. This good news only comes with time spent in safety.

So I pray today that true peace has come. For people and friends to take those first tentative steps of coming out of hiding and remaining safe. For God still to hold and protect them and for there to be a true and lasting peace. This would be truly good news.