I have kept the vigil all night.
Waking and praying
wishing you final peace.
Praying for you to be caught
in the wide arms of God's love.
Some arch of star must have whispered
in my ear.  As prayers were sent to those
who struggle with this time of year.
This was a constant struggle for you.
Everything seemed to fragile in your heart
to be able to walk this hard road.
Caught with so many questions and not enough
of the answers you wanted, needed to hear.
Now we pray and watch and vigil.
Because we will miss your dear sweet soul
among us.  We all struggle a bit with this life
just some of us feel it more to our core.
Walk gently in the arms of love that have caught you.
May your questions be answered in your heart and mind.
May your soul find the final peace it could not here.
Thank you for the gift of friendship, of discovery,
of conversation, of presence.
God carry you on.