Today I read from Luke 1:8-17 where Zachariah finds out from God he is going to finally have a son.  God reveals himself only when Zachariah is serving in the most holy place in the temple.  I don't know why Zachariah is so surprised, so doubtful of his holy encounter, but it will all fall into place at John's naming day all will be revealed. 

Why are we surprised to find God, not only in the holy expected places, but in all the unexpected places of our lives?  We think that God cannot be found in the everyday common experience.  Even though Zachariah's is not a common everyday experience it was a part of his duties as a temple priest.  It seems like what had become everyday and common to him, serving in God's temple, had maybe lost some of its expectation of being a place to really meet God. 

This is what I am speaking about.  God reveals to us holy encounters, holy places, and they are in the fabric of our everyday life.  Being attuned to these may astonish us if we take the time to notice them.  Don't let the everyday be so separated from the holy.  After all Jesus came in an everyday stable to everyday common shepherds, to everyday people such as Mary and Joseph.  Open your eyes this advent to God in the everyday.