During Advent I have always appreciated the services we do on Wednesday nights.  Last night I was reminded again of how much slowing down, during this season, helps with putting things in perspective.  We did Taize prayer last night it is musical chant, scripture, prayer, and silence, and dark and light.  The sanctuary is in veiled darkness dispelled by candles, loads of candles around the icons.

Looking at those points of light blinking out of the darkness, as a matter of fact keeping each area in its own light, reminded me of being a light.  There are times when we flicker, sputter, maybe even grumble at God because of what life has brought us or because we think a certain task is hard.  Maybe at that time our light becomes weak.  If we are surrounded by other lights we don't plunge into darkness. 

There is a comfort in looking at all these lights surrounding one another.  One light would not be enough to help light up the darkness, but lots of light keeps it at bay.  The community of small lights is what lights up each area and draws our attention and focus.  Much like our being lights should.  Drawing attention and focus to God.  To God with us, among us in all the other lights.  A little incarnational story of light.