Today our church is involved in two giving projects.  One is at our food pantry:  today we give out 30 Christmas Baskets so that those who don't have food will be supplied for Christmas.  Every year I make out cards, handwritten, to place in the baskets (which I buy) with the food.  I always write something like this:  "We pray this is a sign of God's love to you during this season.  Blessings"  One of our food pantry volunteers said one of the women he called cried and thanked him profusely.  This is what our season is about. 

The other project is partnering with Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church for the Community Toy Drive.  We give out thousands of toys, coats, hats, boots, mittens, diapers, and food baskets to those who have children in the community.  We believe in God's graciousness to all and that no child should be left without a gift during this season.  Some really need the coats, boots and don't get toys and some pick out toys and a coat or a pair of boots.  Every year hundreds of people wait in the rain, cold or snow to go through the line and receive.  Yes, some are there for how much they can get, but to those who it really makes a difference to it is profound.  Santa is there, the mascot of Three Rivers College is there and this brings fun or fear, depending on the age, to the children. 

So today is the culmination of a months worth, a few months worth of giving by our parishioners and people who support our ministries.  We thank you for the joy you are bringing to others this season.  It is truly fun to be involved in these projects and the blessings continue to come and manifest every year.