Call of the heart

Today I am thinking about all the calls of the heart that happened at Christmas in the gospel stories.  Mary's answer of yes to the angel who tells her this aweful news about being pregnant even though she is not married, it had to be a call of the heart (Luke 1:26-38).  Or the dream of Joseph in Matthew 1:18-25 where he decides not to put Mary away from the betrothal bonds, but decides that God is in all of this unexpected plan.  Or the three wise men (Matthew 2:1-12) who traveled from far away just following their hearts and a bright star in the sky.  All a call of their hearts, a leap of faith, a call to something bigger then just themselves or their own welfare.

I have always loved the old story "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" because it represents to me this call of the heart.  Christmas comes without all the things that you think you need to celebrate it.  Every last morsel and crumb is stolen by the Grinch.  Even with doing all this the Who's still gather round the place where their tree would have stood and sing the song of Christmas.  It is bigger than the things gathered in the village.  Christmas awakens a long dormant hope of peace, goodwill, family, friends, love, and puts it all in our hearts, after all even the Grinch's heart grew that day.

How is the call of the heart influencing your Christmas this year?  Is it caught up in the things or in the people who make Christmas rich with memories?  We have baked cookies, watched movies, decorated things, gone to visit people, spent time, anticipate a child coming home and enjoyed each others company.  This is Christmas to me, what is it to you?