Today is a day of celebration for some.  For others it is a hard day of sorrow.  A reminder of broken promises and their marginalization in the world.  I am friends with many Native Americans and I know today is a day of myth to them.  We put forth a bond of friendship with our pictures and traditions and ignore the truth of broken treaties, broken trust, and a history of trying to deny who they are.  Much of this was because how we viewed them as Christians and our job to convert and civilize them.

There were so many missed opportunities to listen and hear one another and learn from each other.  There were a few who did try, but for the most part suspicion and mistrust came.  It is a sad thing.  Yet there are still opportunities present with us to learn and to hear from one another.  It makes a difference if we actually try to listen and understand.  Not letting our own pride get in the way of story.  Because in story there are always pieces of truth and sometimes truth is hard for us to listen too.

I pray we may seek those ways to be bridges of peace to all communities.  To really extend the hand of friendship and trust in learning about one another.  So that suspicions may die and we actually find a way to move forward together.  I think our future is bound with one another and if we take the right steps we may find a new way to be one with another.  Amen.