Today's gospel leads us to the losers (Luke 6:20-31).  I mean Jesus is blessing those who are poor, those who are hungry.  Those who we term as a drain on society, the ones who need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and yet Jesus promises them food and wealth.  Then there is the woes after that to those of us who are not hungry, are not poor, are not...

This then makes us ask the question have we hung out with the losers lately.  I don't mean that we have to go and become homeless, but have we done anything, any ministry to and for who we look at as the losers?  When we have done this do we do it expecting to meet Jesus in them?  Because here is the thing about discipleship in Luke its hard, it brings us out of our comfort zones in order to encounter the holy and a big part of this is hanging out, helping out those who we deem as losers. 

Here is the other kicker of this story later in this chapter it is not us who determines who is the loser we are just supposed to act in love.  We are supposed to give to everyone and anyone who comes to us, even the people we see as our enemies.  Some of this instruction is because at one point or another in our lives we might be a loser, we might be hungry, or poor, or weeping, and lost.  We are a loser in our own eyes.  We all need people who will give in love to us during those times because without it we are lost in our own eyes forever. 

Maybe this is the point.  Once you have lost and feel like a loser if no one is there to act in love they might get jaded.  They might think their is no love left.  They might feel there is no God.  This is our part to act with love in spite of all that might happen.  Love drives us to dig deeper to reach further because God did and Jesus did ultimately in the cross.  May we be able to open loves door to the lost.