Today I am grateful for growth in my life.  I was looking over all my old journals trying to decide on a poem to post and seeing these makes me realize I am not in those places.  They all fit wrong and don't work to post here because they don't relate to me.  Sometimes pulling out something old resounds again in my heart and I want to share it with the world.  Today nothing fits it is all dim and remote.

If we truly engage in our spiritual path we will finds places of growth.  Places where we have been stretched, pulled, or tilled like the blog yesterday.  I am always thankful for the growth because without it we would just be stagnant, like wearing old clothes and soon they get holes and just plain wear out sometimes wearing out others around us.  Being aware of our growth is a blessing too because we can see how far we have come in our journey of faith.  It allows us to see maybe we have changed and yet God never changes and is always with us on the journey.