There is a gratitude challenge going on in November on many sites.  So today I'm going to mention my gratitude toward the abundance of God.  Holy Cross Episcopal Church is a small church with a few members and we are growing slowly.  In spite of all this we have a growing food pantry in all sorts of areas.  The other day when I walked in we had five volunteers all working to serve the people we have coming to our doors.  I am thankful for their display of God's abundance to those in need.

I am grateful for all the donations that make this ministry possible.  We are small but mighty in this resource.  We have a storeroom which has a good amount of food.  We served more people than we have ever served in one month (October 73 families, 143 people, 81 of those being children) and we are still going strong.  Last year we were close to giving out less food and giving out our last bags.  Somehow we made it through with more money donated by gracious people and ministries in the Diocese of Missouri that support us.  I am grateful to all those people who lavish God's abundance upon our work with those who are hungry.

We started a campaign for full participation on raising funds to fix our building from raccoon damage and water damage from a leaky roof.  We needed to raise 7500 in matching funds.  We ran the campaign for 3 or 4 weeks (a little sketchy because I was very sick and couldn't get materials and information out in a timely manner).  This Sunday we have matched these funds and I'm waiting to see because I think we even have more than we need.  I am grateful to the people of the church for arising to this call and not throwing in the towel, but showing God's abundance to Holy Cross.

The other little ministry we do every year is for a community Toy Drive with Mount Calvary Powerhouse Church.  The youth group raises funds to buy coats, hats, gloves, and shoes.  This year we have gotten donations from private donors already raising 1500 toward the drive.  It is the most money we have ever had to go and buy items with.  I am grateful to the donors for allowing this ministry to flourish.  I am grateful to Bishop Webb for inviting me, an outsider onto the board this year.  I am grateful to show God's abundance to those who would otherwise not have a Christmas. 

You may see this again in the blog.  What are you grateful for this November?