"When he went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them and cured the sick."  Matthew 14:14

I am grateful for God's compassion to us.  Jesus today has just received word of his cousin John the Baptist's death.  He withdraws from people to be alone and when he gets out of the boat the crowds have followed him.  Instead of being angry, or continuing to withdraw into himself, he has compassion on the crowd and reaches out to heal them and eventually even feed them.  He takes care of all their need even at a time when he, himself should be in need.

The abundance of God's compassion for people is displayed here in this text.  It also shows us that sometimes withdrawing into our selves makes us think and stay thinking only of our selves and our own hurts.  Reaching out to others with compassion can help us to think beyond our own selves and our own problems.  It helps us to reach toward God because we are doing as Jesus would have done. 

This passage shows us God's abundance in having compassion on us.  How do we show God's abundance in compassion for others?  May we be so blessed.