Tonight we anoint you one last time.
The oil fills the room with fragrance
of hope, of promise, of remembrance
because in your baptism you are claimed
as Christ's own and tonight we reclaim
that you are his lamb, a sheep of the flock.
Family gathers around to hear the words,
say the prayers, smell the promise.
To know again we all rest in your hands
in life and in death we are yours.
It just takes us time to let go with our hearts.
To know this promise more truly,
more deeply in our own souls.
To be claimed by you and rest in the sweetness
of the promises made because sometimes
we have experienced broken promises
so it is hard to trust.  Yet we gather round
the bed deciding to have the faith.
To commit another soul to your care.
As the scent carries on the air
reminding us of new life.