Words lived out

Taking Jesus' words to heart means actually living them in our lives.  Words are a wonderful thing.  I use them to express myself, to share with this online world, to read about different places and ideas, and to grow as a person.  If I only read the words and never apply any of them in practice they are just nice words on the page. 

I think this is what is so amazing about the gospel.  The words contained there  are not ones of inaction on the page.  They require us to ponder and think about our own story and to try and live them out with people we encounter everyday.  I think this is why these words have lost some of their power because we over think and believe they are just words on the page to ponder in our hearts.  If we truly act as Jesus did we would be very strange people indeed. 

Who thinks of the other first, like when you are driving in traffic and people want to get there first and they fly ahead, do you slow down and let them in or do you beep your horn or get angry with a string of words in your car.  Or when someone doesn't have the right amount of money to buy their items, do you offer to pay the gap or do they have to take items away and put them on the shelf.  Or do you speak in greeting to those who are passing on their way despite how they look, smell, or act.  Or do you take time out to really listen to someone's troubles, stopping in your day not to give out practical advice, but to really deeply listen to what someone else is saying.  Do we give away as much as we can or do we hold back for rainy days that never seem to come.

This is radical living.  How will we choose our steps today?  I pray we may dare to live the gospel in dangerous ways because when we do we gain many things that are hard to put into words on the page.

                                   Children in Lui going to school on garden day.  If they don't tend
                                   the garden they don't eat lunch at school because there is no food.