The gift

While I was in Lui South Sudan I gave an assignment to the pastors to write a sermon through a woman's eyes. To give women a gospel good news message. I compared it to going to seminary and reading things all written by men. We are required to see the gospel story, thought,  and interpretation through mostly male eyes. 

What I wanted them to think about what it is to be a woman who doesn't get to choose when she becomes pregnant, has her body violated even though she doesn't want that, is considered a second class citizen. What would gospel good news look like to her. Write your sermon and present it tomorrow about one woman from the bible. 

The next day they presented. One pastor named Gibson brought me to tears with his sermon. It was about how women are the miracle bearers to the community. Using Elizabeth and her bearing of John the Baptist, and then using Mary as the bearer of Jesus, finally ending with the fact that the women were the first to bear the good news that Jesus had risen from the dead he wove a beautiful gospel message to women. It was a gift to hear and one I had not fully expected. Isn't that the way of the good news of faith in our lives.