I wait for you in the silence to come
in the silence of the candlelight
in the silence of our eyes
in the silence of the music.
Waiting for the rush and flow
which pulls apart what is known

in the silence that pulls deeper
to deep pools of being in the presence
awaiting an answer or a question
or the touch of comfort, strength
all caught in healing repetition
of words simple and pure

in the silence it waits to refine
and burn in the depths
cleansing away the fears of the day
drawing into the starlit of night
coming to the deepest spot
of love's shore where even if we
tried we could not stop the flow

of the silence that pulls us deeper
into relationship with more silence
deeper into the arms of love
deeper into knowing ourselves
the world and deeper into Your
presence where we learn the depths
are not to be feared but embraced