Deep sanctuary, to be held in the depths of safety.
Lovingly supported and hid in confidence of not being found.
From those who want to destroy life, chasing after the shadow
of traces left in rumors, signs, places where people have hidden.

The first taste of freedom on your skin is tantalizing when you reach
the sanctuary.  You can't imagine ever having been without it and
you breath deep gulps of it into your very soul because you can't
imagine it might last forever to be free of the touch that hurt you.

The world looks so much brighter, bigger and yet smaller at the
same time.  Because you know they are out there somewhere trying
to find you and steal freedoms kiss from your lips.  Yet you want
to hold onto this wonderfully beautiful feeling for a lifetime.

It seems impossible that a dark and dank cellar full of cold water
could hold so much hope.  Of freedoms first steps and yet it is
paradise to those in chains with no hope for tomorrow except
violence.  So the bone cold flow is nothing compared to hope.

Hope born in the arms of a lost shore we always want to reamain
on.  Because freedoms first embrace brings us to the shores of
wonder.  Wonder at God and all of nature, wonder at a promised
land with no hurt, wonder at the beauty of ourselves in the world.

Sanctuary deep, peace filled, free like the Spirit's flow.
Bringing us to rest on the hope laden, weary eyed travelers
whose only dream is to rest one day in this land and explore
every nook and cranny of possibility in the free flowing wind.