Ordinary time

This is the time in the church called ordinary time.  Even though it is ordinary it can always be the time when God opens new things and ordinary time becomes extraordinary.  Today's gospel reading is from Matthew 12:22-32 about the healing of a demoniac who is blind and mute.  The healing is the thing that makes an ordinary day for this man extraordinary because not only can he see and speak but his mind is clear too. 

Something as simple as the encounter with the divine in Jesus that happened in the course of his everyday life.  Probably as he was sitting somewhere doing his daily routine.  It opened up a whole new chapter in the life of this man. 

In ordinary and everyday things we can also encounter the holy and sacred and find our day transformed into something extraordinary.  We only have to attune ourselves to not missing it.  I mean the man didn't miss his healing but the Pharisees decided they have to debate how Jesus pulls off healing the man and they miss the opportunity to encounter the holy in their own lives because they are caught up in their own concerns. 

Many times we get caught in our own concerns.  Let us try to make way for the holy in our ordinary lives and open ourselves to the possibility of encountering the extraordinary.  It may take us into deeper relationship with the God of us all.