Hidden spaces

I find You in the hidden places of a long search. 
You are never where I expect You to be. 
Always it seems I run into You when I least expect. 
When I am not searching but trying to be found.  
When I am quiet and stilled in the midst of being attuned
To all the world and nature just feeding the souls 
Longing to be with earth and sky. In the midst of seeing beauty
Which I believe I can only see I am finding I am not alone in the search. 
There is another on my path who wishes to see also. 
And we gaze into the rivers beauty on separate parts of the shore. 
Believing we have found our spot all alone and being surprised
There is another searching too. Wishing to be in touch 
With sacred beauty, yearning to have union with You. 
For just a moment in this weary and hectic world. 
To find the waters of renewal and peace. To rest for a moment in the deep love only You provide. 
To take back and share with others.  Until we again
Come back to the shores to be washed in Your love
Renewed to work again, love again, and show You to the world.