Hands clasped at the rail while I pass the bread of life
Just a ritual we have done dozens of times
Squeezing your hands after the bread has left my hand
A passing of peace, a prayer for your health and strength
All pass in that one grasp of hands and it all transpires in a second
Hands clasped over the bed rail as you wish for me to stay
Just to sit and be with you a presence, companions
On the way to the unknown in front of us
So many questions of life and what it is
The meaning lost because we think of quality and struggle
Is it worth all the unknowns, all the pain of just trying to make
It through to another day, is it hard to pray when
Someone asks to be let go and I hold your hands
Kiss your cheek and wonder how I will let go again
Because life takes us down this road again and again
We decide to risk again our hearts in companionship on the way
Only to lose a traveler to deaths door
And yet without the risking we never understand loves shore
Nor do we understand rebirth and resurrection life
So here I am holding hands at the side of the bed
Praying for your strength to find the door
To new life and cherishing each day we travel it together.