"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit."  Matthew 7:18

Can we look and see the fruit we bear?
Do we even understand what it means to bear fruit?
Do we try to see the branches needing pruning,
to support life and growth, new paths supporting
new and fragile life.  Good things which show the
beauty of the One who resides in us, the One
we owe our life to who stirs with wind and rain
to produce the fruit in us which blooms, even though
we have sometimes not tended, or watered, or seen.
Needing to examine what we produce is a part of
the spiritual journey.  It is a scarey prospect to be
under the scrutiny of ourselves, of others, yet can we
feel the responsibility of Love and take the call to
nurture the plant, which the Creator has given all of
us to tend?  Finding ways to see the growth and see
the fruit we bear, because we are not afraid to grow
in the holy shade of God's care.  We feel responsible
to tend the holy places because we have found in the
soil the treasure of God is within and around us.
So we can glory in the Creation of abundant love.