The extravagant word invades a soul
leaving it dripping with love so full.
Compassion that brings relief to weights
which have pulled down the soul,
frightened the mind, and left us desolate.
Trying to find the place where acceptance
dwells because we are turned away at
every step left outside, condemned,
and feeling alone.  The wonder is in
the words which take and bind us to
the One who speaks them and as the
Good Samaritan binds wounds and
pays the cost of care, so we find this
done to us in the pronouncement of
being claimed as fit, whole, and of
having worth that we did not dream
we had.  We only thought it possible
for all others.  Ones who had money,
lived life all the right ways, and didn't
make this mistake.  Yet we find we are
wrong again, but this wrong leads us
to new paths where we are truly
valued for the kernel residing inside of
us reveals the image of God
with which we all are truly made.