How do we think we can distill the foolishness of the gospel
into a set of truths which everyone should believe?
We argue on points of faith that never touch heart
and soul and never go deeper than the surface.
All I know is this love inside of me.  A foolish love
that ignored all of our lawlessness and burden-making
Reaches into deep places of the heart -
its song rises from the depths of the soul silencing
foolish words which try to contain and distort it.
My love cannot be contained
in a human working out of law and "truth".
The truth is my love flows throughout and yet
again and again we take the nails of truth
and crucify love to a cross.
Thinking we have the power to kill it flow, when in reality
it comes and shines through all fancy words.
Rising again in the chamber of the heart; telling
the foolish story of love broken open and living in its death!