Do this in remembrance

"Do this in remembrance of me" are the ancient words connecting us to an ancient story.  What these words are supposed to mean is not only a remembering, but a stripping away of all that stands between us and God.  1 Corinthians 11:31 says something about judging ourselves so we won't be judged.  Too many times we judge others by their actions and do not look at ourselves.  This is a part of being exposed to God.  When we come forward we are not in our own time and space, but in God's.  It is a holy time and a time for us to think on all the things Jesus did in his life to show us the way to God.  I can't help but notice most of Jesus criticism is always for the religious leaders.  Do we ever critically look at ourselves and how we are living our lives?  It is so much easier to look at another and judge, judging ourselves means we look inward.  This is what brings us kneeling together because we are not so different as we think.  We are all on a journey to discover more about the ways we can be Jesus' disciples.  There is always room for us at the table of God as we try to make this faith journey.  We all stand in the same place, on our knees looking for what we are to do next.  Taking food and drink to strengthen us on the journey and to realize we are all on level ground.