Something new is born every time we open our hearts to another
soul who is walking this world, trying to find the beauty, yet not seeing.
We all get weighed down by troubles and cares, only able to see
what is ugly about us, the world, or others.  We miss the small signs
of encouragement placed at our feet.  In people's smile, hands shaken,
creation in front of us, all silent greetings from God.  If we just are
open to the ones who are closed up.  Listen to their stories, pray and
join hands, don't be afraid of the touch of healing which is upon you.
Because even the bystander is one of the vessels God uses.
No matter how poor and cracked or useless we feel.  We are still
used in the work, if we but open our eyes and ears, expose our
hearts yet again.  Opening slowly to the realization we are disciples.
Birthing healing into a hurting world which tells all of us we aren't
worth it.  Yet God answers back in volumes of gifts around us,
"You are my child, see your beauty as I do."