Thoughts from 8/28/13

I feel like I have been taken and dropped in a desolate place.  There is no joy here.  No way to find myself in the wonder of the stars or in helping to light the fires of the morning.  My heart is in a place far from here and hard to travel.  With people who opened their hearts to me and mine to them.  Deep sharing of Spirit in sisters and brothers.  Given freely and laid at my feet. 

I wonder what my heart can take today?  Will I find God again?  Because to me God lives in the places where we dare to expose ourselves.  I have been given that deep gift freely these past two and half weeks.  Can we dare to give the gift?  Open our hearts to it, expose our lives despite all we suffer as a result?

This life is hard, and much better with companions on the road.  Who dare to share it all.  The heart of free love.  Laughing at the laundry, singing at sweeping, holding hands with a dear brother or sister of faith.  Welcome given to us even when so little is available.  Who really has the life?  How do we not erase the community of faith as we try to support and bring it forward?  There is no easy answer.  We must hold it to God's ear.  Praying for blessings to abound and continue.  In the heart of love.