Tears of healing

We are uncomfortable with tears.  Even in South Sudan this is true.  I was sitting in the pastors class and my interpreter Noel was outlining the last day and what we were accomplishing because it was our last day.  The tears started falling as he interpreted this to the class.  As he turned around he said "What is this?  Those are tears?  Why are you crying?".  As he did this I am now laughing and crying.  I told them that I was leaving pieces of my heart here and that was why. 

Coming back in the plane to Uganda before we left I cried and cried too.  It was hard to stop and I knew I needed to do this for my own healing to begin.  Sometimes we need to be broken open to understand where we stand on this journey with God.  The woman who came to Simon the Pharisees house and wept at Jesus' feet and dried them with her hair comes to mind (Luke 7:36-50).  Simon was upset because of who she was, but I suspect he was also upset at the extravagance of the scene.  She is crying and pouring perfume on Jesus' feet.  A very intimate position to take and a very revealing one of her heart.  She was broken open so she could accept the forgiveness that Jesus bestows on her.

What things do we need to be broken open for?  Where are the places we need to mourn in order to open ourselves to God's healing in our lives?  I hope we can openly face these tender places and see Jesus reaching out his hand to us in order to draw us into a deeper relationship and stand us on new ground.