I am in the places where love lays broken
scattered in pieces, laying all around
shattered into tiny shards of light on the ground.
They think they have silenced loves sound
put out its light, extinguished the candle
but it will not be put out this violently.
It is not plunged into darkness
like a plant hidden in the shade
it reaches for the light unseen.
Because within its depths it know love lives
lives on inside the deep and quiet places
where they think it is dead and gone.
Oh, the brightness revealed when a shade
of light hits it, shining brightly for a brief
spectacular, multifaceted moment.
Glowing blindingly into the light of day
revealing it is not extinguished
just hidden within to shine again.
Once tears are past and gone,
once fears are conquered and remade
into the sparkling beads of possibility.
A dew of bead left from the rains
hanging on to water, wash, and strain
the light which goes on and on
Because the light of love is never
drained away just remade within
the heart image of God.