I struggle at night with reading a Psalm from the Moru Bible.  Now the first struggle is that I know I can't pronounce it Raru and it has a little dot under the second r.  When the pastors - Evance especially tried to teach me this it caused great amounts of deep laughter with us all.  There is a little movement with the tongue on the second r that we do not have in English and my mouth could not create it no matter how much Evance stood there trying to teach it and have me repeat it and then Noel got in on it.  His laugh is very deep and it was with his going really slow and showing me his mouth that I picked up on a slight flick of the tongue we don't have. 

I don't understand all the words, actually most of the words.  I'm guessing OPI must mean Lord, I know that Lu is God, I see vuru and know that avuru is name and wonder what it shortened means because I can't find a frame of reference.  I see words repeated and try to make sense, but I never seem to match them up.  Last night anya se was in there quite a bit and I know that there is no those who in the English side so I know there is a different translation there.  Except in one spot where I see those who in English.  It also makes me think of the day they struggled so hard in doing a parallel on the beatitudes in Matthew and Luke.  I had told them to count the blessed are or happy are parts and when they finally presented they told me there was only one.  One?  I asked Noel for the Moru Bible and opened to Matthew 5.  "What is anya se?", me.  "those who." from Noel.  Then I turned to Luke 6 "what is ami se?", me.  "You who.", from Noel.  I told them we had a big language gap that day. 

So why do I struggle because I want to understand.  I want to never forget how they struggled so hard that day for their teacher to try and understand what I was looking for.  They made an honest try.  It also helps me to understand because we look at the world differently and so the translation when I know it is different is because of a different way of seeing.  We were doing the parallels of Jesus walking on the water in all the gospels.  When we came to John Noel was reading the text to me from the Moru.  He got to the part where the disciples took Jesus into the boat and he said, "the disciples took Jesus into the boat with their whole heart."  Isn't it beautiful?  It doesn't say that in the English, but the words are so John and they are so beautiful.  Maybe I'm just trying to take my brothers and sisters in with my whole heart.