There are little bits and pieces of being lost today around the house.  My daughter is late for school and is wandering about aimless, lost.  I don't know what to write here today and I feel a little lost.  Our cat hasn't come home in a week and we think the worst...lost.  Little loses all around today and yet amidst all of these God is in the midst. 

Music was my first love and what I studied in school.  All these pieces of lostness remind me of harmony.  To me harmony is a struggle to resolution.  It is not living in a calm moment.  Maybe this is why jazz and blues pull at my heart so.  The music is always a deep pull into unresolved love, days, fears, tears, and all trying, struggling to move toward a dominant tone. 

To live in harmony is not ease, or control, or resolution.  Harmony creates beauty - it means I am free to hear the voice even when I am in the midst of struggle or being lost.  Noticing this moment when I need the silence or calm in the midst of the competing harmonies grounds me further in faith.  God is the dominant tone we move toward.  Even when we don't see it. 

Think of Peter in Matthew's storm on the lake (Matthew 14:22-33).  He gets out of the boat and starts walking to Jesus, but then he notices the waves and thinks he'll be taken under.  Then he starts to sink and Jesus reaches out to save him from going under.  Lostness in the harmony is just that.  We aren't completely under but we can get distracted by the tones, the noise, the feeling we don't know where to go to next and all hope is lost.  Then the notes turn and we can clearly see God, Jesus is there reaching out hands to save us and bring us safely to resolution.