The moonlight falls across my arms bathing the room in light.
Revealing shadows and playing round the room.
Touching its soft light around and the sky sings the song,
it has known since the beginning of the world.

The sound of creation has begun in the deep of night.
Beautiful beads of heaven strung on the the darkness.
If it wasn't for the black sky they would not stand out.
There would be no beauty, no reason for the light.

The deep contrast makes it beautiful, it is what adds to the song.
We like to think things have to be the same, homogenous.
Yet the beauty comes from the different notes strung together.
Contrasting and strengthening one another, adding harmony.

So deeply moving the soul to sing with the night.
Moved by the Creator to add another voice,
another harmony in the night singing boldly of the difference.
Adding another layer to the song of the Earth.

Uniting us in the deep layers of color and blend
holding us deeply in the beat of the hand of the One
who loves us all and calls us to add our voice to it.
Because one more harmony will not diminish its light.