As it came nearer and nearer my time to leave South Sudan these were my thoughts. I carry these with me to worship this morning. Renewed in love.

All I can think of is the ending of so much I will hold in my heart
I will leave pieces behind me here in this community
Ones I cannot take back nor do I want to 
Because they are left here as gift to those I love
Members of a body so far away and yet so close in heart
Friends I have laughed with and shared and celebrated life with
Given gifts I don't even yet fully understand or know
How do I leave soil that made me something new?
Where can I stay though with family so far away?
I know a part will always live here, a part that will want to return to a fold
Of strong love in Spirit that never dies but turns new soil in our lives
Bringing forth new seed into a dry land
Born in the furrows of loves water