Farther away

Another day and another ride farther away
from the place which has won my heart.
I watch the landscape as we move farther and farther away.
Watching a program that makes no sense.
I think again of how much we don't know.
About the simplicity of life, the love of night, joy of family.
There is a richness in the treasures of heaven.
Love in community how we react to the violation of community
the deepness of shared space, of treating one another like family
Having rules that invite you to the fire and people coming to you.
How important the shared meal is.
There is so much to learn and much to take into our hearts.
Don't loose that richness of life.
Because money is not a real treasure,
but the people you surround and love in your life.
Whether they want to come to your home or fire.
How you work together as family during the hard times
Bringing joy to one another.
The simple joy of holding hands
and not wanting to ever let go.
Because we are held in love together.
Never alone and richer for the risk of it.