As I wait for the morning light to come 
My heart rests in tender sacred spaces
Wondering how a heart can hold so much
Love after just a few days
It is amazing when love awakens the soul
Stirring more than you think it can hold
Wanting to give of itself freely with abandon 
In laughter, joy, tears, and pain
Because the heart holds the treasures of heaven
Ones of greater price because it requires us to give 
And to suffer loss, but oh the song which rises from the depths
Of the surrender to loves power
One that cannot be measured or frittered away
Given out in heaping mounds because the treasure we should all truly seek lives in the inner parts
Of complete surrender to it
Without it we die and are just a shell
Possessing no beauty or real depth
The touch brings us close to the heart of understanding
But we have to surrender again and again
Until we return to the ground from which we were made
Because loves abandon plants a garden of it's own in all the lives touched by it's beauty