"so that all other peoples may seek the Lord" Acts 15:17

So what do we do that allows people to seek the Lord?  How do we live what do we say?  After all in Isaiah and Jeremiah we hear that Israel is supposed to become a light to the nations by feeding the poor, talking care of the widow and orphan, and welcoming the stranger.  Do we really live by these in our own lives. 

I mean do people ever ask you why you believe in God?  Do you live a life that makes other people curious about what you believe?  Why you act the way you do?  See these are the questions I think we should be asking ourselves.

For too long we have set up a way of always being ultimately right and never opening up a harder self inspection.  We are right and what the bible says is right and we can quote it, preach it, push it onto others, but the real question always should have been do we live it.  Do we live as if the cross has made a difference to us?  Do we watch out for those who need help?  Do we give our coat and our cloak?  Do we take care of our neighbor?  Do we love our enemies? 

These questions bring us to a much harder place where we have to even seek God in our own lives.  I hope we can be brave enough to ask the questions of ourselves.  I hope we can wait to see if people start asking about how we live and what we believe.  Because when we share that way we bring a light into the world that others want to see.