Healing waters

The waters and I flow as one. 
Carrying down in the night silence. 
The sweet smell of water, life giving. 
The earth sings the songs of night. 
And we are on the edge of it. 
Discovering the healing clear flow. 
Feeling the power of it rush by. 
Slipping through fingertips. 
Gliding along the body, fully immersed 
In the flow, in the clarity of being joined. 
By the Creator of all in the silent pull. 
Heart and mind quiet, join in the night song. 
Returned to praise, thanksgiving for the day
And the onset of the power of healing night. 
Into the depths plunged, throwing reliance onto the One who creates life. 
Disappearing into the flow of one passage and into another. 
Complete surrender, full trust, the seed of faith.